what is "candy"?

While producing candy our designers focused on warm ambient sounds, but we topped up the mix with some really hard-hitting basses and a couple of leads and plucks to give it a final touch. So this pack is actually a very diverse tool, and considering it's free, you should get it now while it stays that way!
Seriously, we believe that this pack has some really iconic sounds that you should definitely not miss out on! And it's as easy as clicking the link below and they're your's for life!

so what exactly do I get?

Candy is our first ever pack to include drop-in melodies, which you get three of, as well as seven presets for noisemaker. Three unique and heavy basses, 1 pluck, 2 keys, and 1 lead bring this pack to an entirely new level of quality!

download "candy" now!

Add this sweet collection of sounds to your stash right now - trust us, you won't regret it! download (size 10.0 megabytes)