what is "life"?

When we made life, we wanted to make a pack that empowered producers and added that touch to your sounds that gets that beat that was almost perfect finished faster than ever before. So we focused on what touches those could be. The result was a small but powerful and unique collection of sounds for the TAL noisemaker vst synthesizer.
In life, our production team spent many hours getting the sounds perfect. The twelve included presets are a wide range from crunchy bases, to warm analog leads, to plucks perfect for spicing up modern EDM and pop.

so what exactly do I get?

The pack contains 12 high-quality presets in .fxp format for the "noisemaker" synth by TAL software and is being given away at no cost.
*bass: 6 basses (classic 808, return, invasion and 3 others)
*1 keys - wonder
*leads: 3 (retro ritual, star and morning)
*plucks: 2 (digital marimba and glider pop)

download "life

Breathe some life into your productions and grab this soundpack today! get it (size 10.8 kilobytes
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why should I care about this pack anyway?

Still don't believe us? Ok, check out the demo below!
demo of "life" preset pack, will play when you click
copyright: 2020, rb studios